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About Us

Great Lakes Medicine was established in 2005 to provide high quality hospital care to patients throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Our experienced physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and work in conjunction with primary care providers all over the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Our goal is to deliver efficient, cost-effective hospital care while at the same time maintaining the close relationship between patients and their primary care physicians which is so vital to successful healthcare.

Our hospitalists have special training in acute care and years of hospital practice experience.

They are all well-qualified, dedicated and compassionate. However all our physicians have another qualification we consider very important; They are skilled communicators. We believe that clear communication - with the patient, the primary care doctor, and the entire care team - is a critical factor in making patients comfortable and achieving optimal outcomes.
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Who We Are

The physicians at Great Lakes Medicine are internists who specialize in hospital medicine.

GLM physicians have extensive experience in daily medical management of patients while in a hospital setting. They work within teams of specialists in hospitals throughout the region to provide expert medical care for patients.

Great Lakes Medicine also works to ensure continued improvement in the quality of patient care by serving on hospital committees, including medical improvement, medical executive, and Q & A. Our physicians take an active role in educating residents and students by rounding with academic teams and teaching medical students the fundamentals of physical diagnosis.

Our Mission

Great Lakes Medicine takes pride in delivering the best possible in-patient care.

We are committed to communicating clearly and consistently with patients, their families, and their primary care physicians in order to assure continuity of high quality care upon discharge.