Your Hospital Care Doctors

If you need hospital care, your primary care physician may recommend that a hospitalist manage your care during your hospital stay.

Primary care physicians partner with hospital groups for two practical reasons: It saves time and it reduces costs. When a primary care physician  no longer needs to make hospital vists or coordinate treatment for hospital patients, overhead goes down and the they have more time for office practice. It makes good sense to put specialists in charge of  hospital patients, but only if you can be sure those patients will receive the best possible care. That’s why we want you to know what sets Great Lakes Medicine apart.

What To Expect From Your Hospitalist

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in hospital care.
These special doctors have their entire practice in the hospital, are entirely focused on inpatient care, and have had special training in caring for acutely ill patients.

Your primary care doctor will still be in charge.
The hospitalists will be your doctor only for your hospital stay. They will communicate daily with your primary care physician and work with them and other specialists, as part of a team, to manage your care.

Your hospitalist will know you and your history.
Your hospitalist will be briefed by your doctor and will study your records before you arrive. On your first day in the hospital, they will meet with you and your family to get aquainted, talk about your care plan, and answer your questions.

Your hospitalist will visit you every day and will be within reach.
Hospitalists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because they practice only in the hospital, they can be reached quickly when you have a question or need special attention

Your hospitalist will be a good communicator.
When you are in the hospital, it is imporant and comforting to hear clear explanations and have questions answered promptly. Being a good communicator is part of being a good hospitalist.

Great Lakes Medicine hospitalists practice in Detroit metro area hospitals, including:

St. John Medical System, Beaumont, Select Care, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, and Triumph.